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Our english speaking participants are invited to take part in a new series of English lectures with GEOFFREY CLARFIELD,  an anthropologist, an ethnomusicologist and someone seriously interested in history, our own and that of the rest of the world. We are happy to have Geofrrey as part of out team and we  offer 4 Zoom lectures at the price of 80 NIS. Should  there be a desire - we will continue with Geofrrey's lecture on a permanent basis and the lectures will be part of our "MANUY BOKER" 

We hope to start on January. Geoffrey is currently in Canada and we await his return to Israel.


 The Man Who Would Be King

The strange, true and hard to believe story of John Boyes, a poor English adventurer who ran away to sea, fought in South Africa and ended up as an adventurous big game hunter and ivory trader in Kenya. He eventually and single handedly became the King of the Kikuyu of Mount Kenya. The British wanted to try him for treason and banditry. The British government did try him for treason, he was acquitted and then helped the crown pacify Mount Kenya and its peoples. He is not written up in the contemporary histories of East Africa as it is a politically incorrect story.


 The Pygmy Bushmen and the Origins of Music-Echoes of our Ancestors

Scholars have debated the origins of music for three centuries and there is little consensus. There is one very plausible theory that music and dance as we know it had its origin somewhere in Central and Southern Africa perhaps 70000 years ago and we can hear its echoes today


 Olduvai Gorge and the Origins of Our Minds

Remember Louis Leakey and his discoveries of early man in Olduvai Gorge Tanzania? It was part of National Geographic. Well it is possible to chart the evolution of our own cognitive structures by considering the skulls of the australopithecines, homo habilis, erectus and modern humans that can be found in that wonderful place.

The Jewish Nature of the Plight of the Pygmies

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